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Exhibition 2010…

Part of IGNITION 2010

Making work just outside of a communities being encroached by thick forest, amongst crown land designations, within native land reserves and in private land trusts, sets the stage to explore a hidden side of Canada’s relationship to land-use and an opportunity to create a dialogue surrounding the placement of wilderness within modernity. Combining large-scale photographs, video, historic imagery and recorded stories, I am continuing to explore fictitious elements of landscape while delving into ideals of safe haven, sanctuary and retreat. The difficultly and importance of reaching these regions, becomes representative of a modern‐day pilgrimage, presenting these landscapes as shrines from a distant time.

Equally, my work provides me with an awareness to the importance of isolation, the existence of communities that continue to support remote ways of life, and the many difficulties surrounding the protection and preservation of these irreplaceable sites. I believe my work is important and addresses Canada’s going contemporary dialogue of questioning its wild landmasses. Linked to my practice is my passion to teach art and its ability to inspire my practice.

taranicholson pool quebec
Pool, Quebec
Tara Nicholson